Betty and Me – Our Hippocrates Story

A couple of years ago, my mom Betty’s stroke was the wake up call we both needed to start taking better care of ourselves. The stroke was the inspiration for us to book a visit to the Hippocrates Health Institute. Who knew that drinking wheatgrass juice, eating enormous salads with sprouts, educating ourselves with classes and workshops on health, attending emotional healing circles and spending time with other like minded people with similar scary diagnoses could be so much fun!

Armed with loads of information, lists of supplements to take at various times of the day, a raw living food diet to maintain, and juicers, dehydrators and supplies to buy left Betty and I feeling a little overwhelmed but excited to start on our new adventure of making daily lifestyle changes that empowered us to take better care of our health when we got home.

Well, about a year later, we had both fallen in to old habits. Its hard to resist those ‘just one bites’ like the free samples at Costco, or that one bite of cake at a party or that bite of cheese on a cracker that tastes so good with a sip of red wine. After all, its just one bite or maybe two bites…oh who’s counting…and pretty soon we were off the wagon still dipping our toes in the Hippocrates water with a shot of wheatgrass and a glass of green juice every now and then, but sad to say even the supplements started to gather dust in the pantry.

Not ones to shy away from a challenge, Betty and I decided we needed a boost and booked another trip to Hippocrates in February 2015. Our trip the second time was even more delightful than the first and we left feeling even more confident and excited about embarking on our journey to better health.

This time we knew what to expect and which questions to ask during our visit to regain our motivation. We had juicers, dehydrators, sprouting supplies and raw food cookbooks at home so we could jump back on the Hippocrates bandwagon without missing a beat. After arriving home late Saturday night, Betty and I were up early on Sunday making ourselves wheatgrass juice and then heading out to Whole Foods to stock up on our organic vegetables for the week. We had ordered our supplements and had them shipped from the Hippocrates store to arrive at our homes early in the week.  We had ordered wheatgrass and sprouts from the HHI store and packed them in our suitcases to make wheatgrass and green juice when we got home. We were ready this time and we have been going strong ever since maintaining our raw food diets, sprouting in our kitchens and even remembering to take all of our supplements.

It gives me great joy and happiness to see my Mom who has been married to my Dad for 50 plus years, raised 5 kids and taught middle school for over 25 years getting the chance to enjoy her life on her own terms. When Mom ‘got stroked’ as Ram Dass would say, there was a spark of fear within her that the Hippocrates experience turned in to a ray of hope that she could be her old self again and enjoy her life…and that’s exactly what is happening…with ‘just one bite’ of raw living food at a time..

Be well.