‘As I breathe in, I feel myself breathing in. As I breathe out, I feel myself breathing out.’ – me talking to myself while meditating

People have been telling me to meditate for years but finding time to sit and do what feels like nothing feels counterintuitive and not in sync with my overdeveloped sense of responsibility.

There always seems to be something else I should be doing like laundry or dishes or I don’t know…I’m sure somebody needs me to do something…my mind is always busy telling me what to do.

I learned meditation at the Hippocrates Health Institute while studying to be a Health Educator and the practice was based on Thich Nhat Hanh’s approach of simply becoming aware of your breath. So I sat on the floor in a yurt with a bunch of people and much to my surprise it seemed I had forgotten how to breathe. I was breathing from my chest and throat and not from my belly. It took days for me to learn how to really belly breathe and release. And even now I still have to practice breathing.

Meditation for me is just that..sitting and breathing. Sometimes I do it in the infrared sauna or sitting with a group. But my favorite way to do it is to sit in nature. There’s a beautiful garden down the street from my house behind the Ropes Mansion. As I sat there on a bench yesterday focusing on my breathing, I stopped thinking and starting observing and suddenly magic started happening. I saw the cutest little bunny rabbit sniffing his way through the flowers. Birds were singing and there was this unbelievably beautiful rose blooming right in front of me.

I went home and had a lovely and productive day.