Coconuts and Mangoes

There comes a day
When you’re gonna look around
And realize happiness is
Where you are

Consider the coconut (the what?)
Consider its tree
We use each part of the coconut
That’s all we need – ‘Where You Are’ from Moana

Last Sunday, I woke up in paradise…in Grand Cayman on Seven Mile Beach. As I laid back on my chair and looked out at the vast ocean and the sky I was humbled by the extraordinary beauty of the universe and filled with a sense of gratitude for my time on earth.

I also couldn’t stop thinking about the fresh coconut water and the mangoes.

Prior to my day on the beach I had spent a busy and fun filled week doing raw food classes on the island while staying with a friend at her beautiful home in Cayman. She is also a Hippocrates Health Educator and she has an extraordinary wheatgrass and sprouting space on her property. She has horses that roam freely, whispering ducks, iguanas, turtles, fish and a beautiful little yellow bird that perches on her side view mirror to greet her every time she leaves and comes home. While I was at my friend’s house I had access to wheatgrass, green juice, avocados, coconuts, mangoes (did i mention the coconuts and mangoes?) and lots of fresh vegetables and sprouts. And I made a bunch of raw chocolate with health benefits so by the time I left her house for the beach on Saturday, I was feeling AMAZING!

On Sunday I had my perfect morning on the beach and then had to race back to the hotel and head for the airport . On the way I stopped at Island Naturals Cafe and grabbed a smoothie for one last bite of heaven and then a few minutes later I walked into the sea of people and luggage and chaos..and well I was back to reality.

Its funny how food can easily be associated with wonderful memories of people and places. I have fun filled memories of eating fried chicken, barbecue and potato salad growing up in Memphis. Now that I’m a bit older and have to be more careful about what I eat, I’m fortunate enough to be able to appreciate simple things like a perfectly ripe mango or an avocado or fresh coconut water and associate those delicious experiences with the places I visit.

Yesterday I called Whole Foods and picked up a case of organic coconuts. I also found organic mangoes on sale at Trader Joe’s for $1.49.  Its sunny and beautiful outside. I’m having a little vacation in my kitchen right now.

I’m happy where I am 🙂