Dreams of Jon Hamm

As Spring arrives and I am enjoying my sprouts and plant based lifestyle with a renewed sense of energy and vigor, I keep dreaming of Jon Hamm. I think he is a beautiful man but my dreams aren’t sexy. We’re just hanging out sitting and eating and laughing at everyone’s reaction to us as they walk by.

At first I thought this dream was about ham. I haven’t eaten ham in years even though it was something we always ate at holidays. Scrambled eggs and ham with a little cheddar cheese on an English muffin was one of my favorite breakfasts.

Not anymore. I haven’t thought about ham in years.

I think the dream is about the laughter.

Yes our world feels like its falling apart most days but when you stop and eat a salad with sprouts and look at Jon Hamm, it all starts to make sense.

On any given day Jon Hamm can look like the hottest most radiant beautiful man on the planet. Another day he can look like a sad alcoholic or a math teacher in a corduroy jacket with patched elbows.

He’s just like trying to maintain a plant based lifestyle.

One day you’re looking great, you’re eating healthy, you’re on top of the world…and the next day, well, you can never be sure what’s going to happen…how you’re going to feel or what you’re going to look like.

Being plant based is a lifestyle that takes patience, practice and a sense of humor because not every day is the same.

But I can tell you that what I know for sure is eventually…

…you’ll forget all about the ham.


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