Sauerkraut Sandwich

People who have been to the Hippocrates Health Institute know what it’s like to eat a plant based diet with sprouts, organic vegetables and other illuminating crudités like dulse, carrots, snow peas and sauerkraut. I spent nine weeks at HHI a few years ago to become a health educator and there were a few things that took some time to get used to.

One was sitting in an infrared sauna at a whopping 130 degrees and the other was the sauerkraut.

Fermented foods help you digest so as you munch away at your salad happily chatting with your fellow Hippocrates guests you are encouraged to add a scoop of sauerkraut to your plate and eat it along with the rest of your organic rainbow delight.

The sauerkraut would land on my plate but somehow it managed to miss the end of my fork.

Until one day it happened. Maybe I was distracted by another mind blowing story of self healing from a frightening diagnosis by a fellow guest…but I did it. I ate the sauerkraut at Hippocrates and I kept at it until it was gone. I did the same thing the next day and the next day until I stopped thinking about it and just ate it.

When I got home from Hippocrates I bought a jar of sauerkraut and looked at it in my fridge for 4 months. It expired so I tossed it.

Finally one day at the Salem Farmer’s Market I bought a jar of Maitland Mountain Farm spicy pickles and fell in love…oops not a good visual to fall in love with a pickle but you get the gist.

The pickles led to the MMF curry kimchi and last but not least…a jar of Maitland Mountain Farm sauerkraut which I now take out of the fridge, open and eat before it expires.

Today I was sitting at my desk eating a couple of brown rice wraps with hummus and sauerkraut that I brought from home while looking at my computer. I forgot about the sauerkraut when someone walked up to my desk, looked at me horrified and said, ‘is that a sauerkraut sandwich?’

Before I had a chance to answer, she made a face, turned and ran away.

Tomorrow I am going to offer her a pickle.

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