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On my holiday break from work, I decided to make plans and set goals. I booked some weekend trips and bought myself 3 planners – a daily, weekly and a journal. I got back in the habit of writing my gratitude lists in the separate little notebook I have near my bed. I made a schedule of when I could make it to class for the Bikram yoga New Year 21 Day Challenge so I could jumpstart my endless goal of having a tight little yoga body and put it in my phone.

All was well in my tiny brain on how I was going to start the new year off right when a bomb cyclone and a week long upper respiratory infection forced me to cancel a trip and spend the first week of the new year on my ass.

My old self would have been disappointed but the new year, new me decided to go with the flow and live in the moment.

And that my friends is my NEW new year’s resolution…to make better decisions about what feels right in sickness and in health in the moment because its all we have.

I’ve been mainly plant based with an emphasis on raw living foods for about 4 years now. My taste buds have changed to prefer plant based healthy foods but my mind isn’t always in sync with that. The idea of ordering a big plate of old fashioned blueberry pancakes seems awesome until I’m actually in the moment taking a bite and they taste gummy and weird and I can’t eat them. My body knows what it needs. All I have to do is pay attention. But like being a yogini, being able to push unhealthy food away takes practice and being gentle and kind to yourself over time.

Typically when I talk to people about a raw living food lifestyle, I barely finish my first sentence before the person I’m talking to starts educating me on what plant foods/diet/lifestyle change works best for them and I can’t get a word in edgewise. When we know how to eat better and take care of ourselves, the enthusiasm to share the knowledge is exciting and fun.

And so I want to invite you to join a tribe of kind, loving, supportive and beautiful people who are doing their best to go plant-based at whatever level you are. If you want to start a meatless Monday or you’ve just done Whole 30 or you’ve been to Hippocrates or you are recovering from a diagnosis or you want to age gracefully or you have political beliefs…

…the ENOUGH ON MY PLATE PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE SUPPORT GROUP will help connect you with amazing like minded people and give you information on how to maintain a plant based lifestyle over time so you get to place where being plant based is simply part of who you are and… its FUN!

Enough On My Plate Plant Based Lifestyle Support Group Sessions

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